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Funny how a nobody can bring an entourage of bodyguards, camera crew, and photographers and pretend like he’s the biggest celebrity in the city. And EVERYONE falls for it.

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LOL @ the Jerome in the House impression

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I had a weird dream that I was wearing eyeglasses and they broke.

I did lasik 6 years ago and haven’t thought about eye glasses since, so you can imagine how weird I felt this morning when I woke up. Was this a sign that my vision is getting worse and I need to get my eyes checked.

Well, according to Dream Moods, the meaning behind eyeglasses is the following:

"To dream that you are wearing eyeglasses and you do not normally wear them suggests that you need a clearer view on a situation.  There may have been a misunderstanding or a situation was misperceived and needs to be clarified. 

To see broken eyeglasses in your dream indicates that your vision and perception is impaired. You are not seeing the facts correctly.”

Not 100% sure what this refers to, but I have a few ideas in my head it doesn’t sit well with me. Whatever situation it is, I hope I can get some clarity soon because my head has been all over the place recently.

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